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Are you feeding your body and arming your immune system daily? Trace Minerals, Amino Acids and B Vitamins are common nutrient groups people are deficient in. The Spark of Life Bundle includes 70+ trace minerals, 20 Amino Acids, and all of your B Vitamins in a co enzyme form. All these nutrients are highly bioavailable unlike a multivitamin and will help promote longevity, reduce stress, and increase vitaliy.Get 15% off when you use code KRYSTAL15.

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Hydrogen Water Bottle

Scientifically backed. BPA free. HYDRO Health has proven studies to show that it provides anti-aging properties. It's also made easy and light to travel with. Excel your health with the hydrogen water bottle.

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Cure - Hydration Powered by Nature

Optimal hydration with clean ingredients. Backed by science and made with a blend of premium, plant-based ingredients. No added sugar, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. Get 20% off when you use code KRYSTAL20.

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Looking for healthy weight loss? Want to recieve the accountability and structure you need to create YOUR True Sustainable Health?

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  • Mary W. Testimonial

    Upon starting the program with Krystal my goals were to lose 5-10 pounds, get healthy and motivated. Krystal helped me work towards these goals by providing useful information on how to read food labels, eat organic, while promoting positivity and accountability. The most tangible change I've noticed is more energy and weight loss.The most significant overall change is creating healthy habits to eat healthier and to make fruits and vegetables priority in my diet. Krystals passion and knowledge really helped me become more aware of how to create sustainable health. I would recommend Krystal’s program to anyone who is looking to lose weight and become overall a healthier version of themselves. The information and knowledge has been life changing and I’m on the road to feeling the best I’ve had in years!

  • Hope L. Testimonial

    I am so grateful for Krystal. I have been cooking so many incredible recipes. My top 3 goals were to be more aware, grateful and present in my daily life, to cook more sustainable foods for my family and those in need in my community and to set attainable goals. Krystal offered breathing and meditation techniques as well as guided me to respond thoughtfully rather than reactive. My awareness of the effects of primary and secondary foods grew and I gained more energy and lost weight both physical and spiritual. During her program I was able to tap into the non-judgmental part of myself to bring a calmer kinder and more focused being to each situation, through Krystal’s life changing techniques. She helped stay on track with eating healthy and trying very delicious recipes and I learned valuable life lessons that will stay with me always. Right from the start Krystal assesses and confirms your needs and desire for being a part of her program. She guides and inspires with practical answers, and resources to support our growth as a sustainable world. I would recommend Krystal to anyone interested in becoming more aware of their eating habits, setting goals, increasing positive energy, and changing your life habits for the better. Krystal is wonderful to work with.

  • Karyn D. Testimonial

    Self love and care. The way Krystal has different modules for each week. She starts off with a detox and being to rebuild as you grow into a new seedling of health (which is amazing). Krystal is real and in it for the right reasons to help others. She is non-judgmental, kind, motivating, an educator, and in my eyes an earth angel. She shares in your struggles and in your triumphs with the same enthusiasm. She listenings and understands as well as takes the time to create recipes and a meal plan for you for where you are at in that time. She helps you propel forward week by week through guided meditations and exercises. Krystal relates with your inner being and soul.

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